Covid-19 Update

  • COVID-19 restrictions

    Under current COVID-19 restrictions, personal care and close contact service businesses in England may not operate.

    Beauty and hair businesses in England may able to open from Monday 12th April, in the second phase of the UK's roadmap to exit COVID-19 lockdown.

    Reopening on this date is subject to meeting the government's four tests in the reduction of the spread of the virus, which will be reviewed on 5th April.

  • Safety Guidelines, For When You Return To The Salon

    • Please do not attend your appointment if you or a member of your family have been feeling unwell or are showing Covid 19 symptoms.
    • On arrival please wait outside the salon and I’ll come and get you.
    • Please arrive on time not before as we have to make sure the station is sanitised for your arrival
    • Please come to your appointment alone if possible.
    • You will be required to wear a mask to your appointment and keep it on during your time at the salon. These are available to buy at the salon if you don’t have one. I will be wearing a visor.
    • Please bring as little as possible with you to the appointment.
    • Hand sanitizer will be available and required on entry to the salon.
    • Magazines have been removed for now.
    • Drinks will no longer be available.
    • All gowns will be disposable and towels will be washed after every use as usual at a high temp.
    • Please do not use the toilet.
    • Please pay by card/contactless if you can.
    • Please can you also give at least 48 hours notice if you cannot make your appointment where possible.
  • Client Health Questionnaire

    Each time you visit the salon you will be required to complete a health questionnaire, example below:-



    • I have not been diagnosed with or cared for someone diagnosed with COVID-19 in the past two weeks.
    • I have not shown symptoms of COVID-19 or come in close contact with anyone exhibiting these symptoms in the past two weeks.
    • I have not travelled outside of my immediate daily routine for the past two weeks.
    • I do not have a cough, fever, chills, shortness of breath, or loss of taste or smell.
    • If I begin to show symptoms of COVID-19 within the next two weeks, I will contact my stylist.
    • I will follow all posted salon rules to keep myself, my stylist and those around me safe.

    Printed Name:
    Phone Number: